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Town Houses

Townhouses are an Adelaide favourite typically due to their suburban locations.

Since 2009 with the then Labour Government’s 30 year plan saw an increase in land price per square metre in the CDB, which meant majority of developers needed to build apartments, rather than popular townhouses to turn a profit locations. This lead to a change in local sentiments – the townhouse became a popular suburban alternative to the courtyard home.

Typical benefits of a townhouse:

  • Low maintenance living
  • Maximising the use of land
  • Typically townhouses have a courtyard
  • Strong Cross ventilation and natural light
  • Lock up private garaging
  • Shorter build times
  • Sometimes seen as a lower risk purchase
  • First home owner grants of $15,000 available on new product


Apartments have become an extremely popular asset class in the past five years due to the increased popularity of cosmopolitan living, millennials wanting low maintenance living, and aging population looking to downsize from their suburban home, and Adelaide as a popular destination for International students. Apartments are usually found in more densely populated areas, and more and more in generally popular suburbs and locations. An increase in density living also lends itself to better and more efficiently run public transport, residents supporting local businesses, and a strong sense of community in a city needing to grow up, not out. Funding requirements usually dictate a 10% deposit which sits in an appointed solicitor or agent’s trust account until the project is complete.

Typical benefits of an apartment:

  • Low maintenance
  • Lock up and leave lifestyle
  • Often showcase amazing views
  • Natural light to all living spaces
  • Secure Car Parking
  • Soak up a positive, cosmopolitan living
  • Often government incentives
  • Strong rental yields (Adelaide CBD)
  • The ability to make small alterations (off plan)
  • First home owner grants of $15,000 available on new product

Land Divisions

House and land packages are still one of the most popular residential asset classes and usually form part of large scale broadacre development (outer metro). House and land packages are slightly different to an ‘off plan’ sale, in the sense there are two contracts – one of the land, and one for the build. A benefit to this is the Land component will be stamp duty free, while the building contract will be subject to stamp duty. As first home buyer grants also apply to this product, it’s a very attractive option for this sociographic. Most house and land division are developed by volume builders who deliver a quality, yet affordable product. Our and Land can also be in the inner metro and is typically of smaller scale.

Typical benefits to house and land:

  • The opportunity to own a house/Large courtyard home
  • Larger allotment size
  • Usually affordable
  • Often close driving distances to shopping centres and markets
  • Limited barriers to entry
  • Government finance options (Home Start)


Before Commencement Plans – Get Advice.

Projected’s skill sets are not limited to sales, in fact, our sales success is usually due to a collaborative approach to all facets of the project, starting with increasing floor plan efficiency and maximising their saleability.

Ever project has a different target market, and therefore should be tailored specifically to the strengths of the offering. Our involvement at inception of concept is crucial for the outcome of the project.

Projected’s directors are at the coalface and have spoken with thousands of buyers over the years asking questions and recording the outcomes. Whether it’s apartment yield, area, material finish, design efficiency, Projected are in a strong position to provide advice.

Projected assist prospective buyers

  • Find sites
  • Negotiate site acquisition

Buyer Advocacy

A key component to achieving success or wealth through property is to ensure you are buying well. Research, knowledge and the wisdom of others will assist you in making the best decisions for your property goals and over all portfolio.

For those not equipped to do this on their own, we offer a range of assistance to ensure you are making good, profitable decisions during a negotiation and beyond.

We can assist with:

  • Site identification and sourcing
  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Purchase negotiation
  • Off market purchasing opportunities

Site Sales

Projected has an extensive network of developer clients and buyers who are always looking for their next project or development site. We have an excellent record for both on market and off market sales.

If you have a site that you think might suit development, we are perfectly placed to establish a likely sale value via a number of calculation methods, or assist you in adding value to your site prior to sale.

We’ve combined our industry connections, knowledge and database with best in class marketing and sales strategy to ensure your site sale is maximised.